Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nerd Alert!

Caution: This post may contain humongous amounts of nerdy action. Those who are weak of heart may not want to continue down my path of nostalgia. This post will be full of Lady Gaga, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda. That is all.

Today is my "Day Eight: A picture of yourself" and while it sent me into a spiral of nostalgia. I first took my picture, notice the little boy's XL Star Wars shirt from target. [Yes I am a little offended that Target believes I am a husky little boy]:
Yes, my bedroom walls are painted like a cave of sorts... Yes, my step mom painted them. Even though they are a little boyish for me, I think it's too awesome that she can paint like this. There are clouds on the ceiling.

Alright, here is where the extra nerdiness comes in.... As most of you know, I adore Lady Gaga. I saw her Alejandro video yesterday, which is AMAZING go look it up, and just feel like I fell in love all over again. Every time she does something new I just fall for her music and her persona all over again. Sooo.... if you're gaga for Gaga, throw up your monocle!

In my own defense, I have no idea what this means. I just know Lady Gaga does it a lot.

No clue what it is, I just know she does it. I think it's a monocle.

As I was looking for Lady-Gaga-Monocle pictures, I ran across a tumblr called DiamondIn+heRough that completely shows my childhood. He has pictures of everything I used to be in love with when I was a kid. I was pretty in love when I saw all the Pokemon pictures:

But when I saw Legend of Zelda stuff? Oh I knew I really loved that website.
I loved Sheik. She was freaking awesome. I've always thought they should throw Sheik/Zelda a bone and give her her own video game. Imagine how freaking awesome that would be.

I had a huge crush on Ganondorf when I was a kid. I dunno why, and in my defense I was really odd, but it's true. I've also thought a Zelda movie would be tight and Michael C. Hall would play Ganondorf. :D (Zachary Quinto would play Link :D )

Along with Zelda and Pokemon pictures, Diamond in the Rough [funny the name similarities huh] also had Lion King and Mario pictures! Both of which still effect my life.

I think it's just a nostalgic kind of a day for me. I really think I had a great generation to grow up in, I mean I had Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. That should be all I have to say. :] What things remind you heavily of your childhood? Is it a video game? Maybe a tv show or a movie? Feel free to speak your mind, leave a comment!

Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. I ordered business cards yesterday! I can't wait to see them, they have Wilmer Nerdbot on the front. Remember him?

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