Sunday, May 26, 2013

Animal Flowers

I mentioned in my last post that I am heading towards drawing more and less in painting. About a week before my 20th birthday, right I'm no longer a teen(ha!), I bought myself a new drawing journal. I wanted to start new and only draw real things in it, no dumb doodles. Here are a few drawings I've created in my silence.

I love this one, it has gold accents and a bit of a gold mistake on a pedal.

I drew this for my mom for Mother's Day and I was so happy with how well the dog came out. The picture is in progress but it came out very well.

These two I have been drawing at home on my days off and in the car during my lunches at work.

Hope you love it!
Love and Turtledoves,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Words that haven't been said

So I've come to the realization that I am an awful blogger and it will probably take a shit ton of training to make me a good one. I'm going to have to take this more seriously and put more thought into it, because truthfully I let this sit for way too long. I used to post all the time, way back in the day, but now it's so rare it feels fake. That's going to change (how many times have I said that).

In my absence William and I have moved to southern california, home home home at last. Our apartment is tiny in comparison to our Las Vegas one, yet somehow it has more heart. It feels right to be here, and we are so much happier. Even the cats seem a little happier, they're awake more often in the day and demand more snugs and attention. As a whole we are a happy family.

I've been away from my art a little bit but I'm hoping once my schedule gets more consistant that I'll be able to focus on it more. Right now I'm drawing a lot because it takes much less set up and clean up than painting or sewing.

I feel whole once again.
Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. Although I do miss my washer/dryer ;)