Friday, February 26, 2010

Love pics!

This is the first lovebot I have ever made. He's my personal bot and is lower in construction than my more recent ones, since I had never sewn before. None the less, I absolutely adore him.

This is Donny's bot. I made him a bunny because it's my favorite nickname for him. Annnnd it was an excuse to try out an animal/robot.

These are Sarah's plushies :). I made her the robot for Christmas and the dinosaur was born just a couple days ago!

And this beauty is one of my newest loves! I created her for my new esty ;). Once that's up, I hope to find her a brand new home.

And this is how just about all of my robots look from the back :) They all say "On. Off. Love." :)

I hope you love my little bots as much as I do!
Love and Turtledoves,


P.S. so sorry for the bad quality photos, I left my camera at school and all I had was my camera phone.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



So I'm working on putting up all the pictures of my Lovebots =] But I've made quite a few and don't have pictures of alll of them! So this weekend I'm going to try get pictures of all... Five(?) of them. Oh no, six.... and I am making a seventh tomorrow ♥

Hope you all like them!

Love and Turtldoves!


P.S. I also made up my shop logo aaand opened a paypal today! My etsy shop is a little bit closer to being open :D

P.S.S. Donny and I are SOOOO doing that picture, I'll post when we do.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Opening an Etsy!

So, today I finally opened my Etsy. I am super nervous about it, to be honest, but can't wait to put up some product and see how that goes. It's silly I'm very afraid to I'll do something wrong, because I've only sold a few Lovebots and it wasn't ever on a website.

I hope maybe I can get some tips from their website, it's very user friendly, but none the less I'm nervous ;) We'll see how this goes!

Love and Turtledoves,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy(?) Weekend Ahead

Okay so it's finally the weekend. Can I get an AMEN?! I am so over this week. I had 2 papers due today, one of which had 5 essay questions on it, and I think if I had any more days of school, I might go insane. And sleeping just hasn't been going well for me, don't you hate those days?

Anyway, tomorrow Donny's play is at the local college so I finally get to see him act ♥ We've been together almost two years but I've never actually been able to see him act, which according to him he's pretty good at it ;)

Then Sunday, I have a clarinet lesson that should go well, although I haven't practiced much. I just bought about three more books/pieces I'm going to start learning so it should be fun, hopefully. And after that, a nice day with Donny, hopefully playing Super Paper Mario X]

Have a beautiful weekend

Love and Turtledoves,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh the irony!

The beautiful, yellow, patent leather irony!

So, in my "What's in my Bag" post, I ended with saying how trashy my bag was and how much I wanted a nice bag, but couldn't afford it. Well, that has been true, along with the fact I could never find a bag I really loved loved loved and wanted to pay so much money for.

Then... Today happened.

My mother came home with this beautiful piece of Coach:


And I pretty much died of happiness! I have never owned a nice bag, the closest thing I have is my pink Chanel pouch, and am soooo pumped to finally own one! I'm not going to break it out until summer because of school but when I do, it'll get some real time love time ♥ ♥

Love and turtle doves!!! ♥
♥ Jaco

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Self love


Today, Gala Darling asked the followers of Radical Self Love Movement, to answer this question, "Why do you treat your best friend better than you treat yourself? In what ways can you behave more like you’re your own best friend?

I feel like this is a question I ask myself and have never really found the answer to. I know I treat my friends better than I treat myself, even when they're getting on my nerves. They may or may not know this, but it's not really the point.

Why do I treat myself lesser than my friends? Probably because I don't feel like I deserve it? I have to fight myself to give myself time alone to get things done that I want done. I have a very hard time relaxing, probably because I put everything above my own time. I often feel like I'm fighting my own mind, especially today. I have schoolwork but, not exaggerating, I cannot do it tonight. Lack of good sleep has me a bit fried and so I had to give up after a while. The only downside to this is, if I don't sleep well tonight then I still have to do it tomorrow.

I probably treat myself under everyone else because I have low self esteem. That I feel like other people deserve things I can't give myself? I know I am a strong person but I am my worst critic, that is without a doubt. I know I should treat myself better.

But would that ever happen?

~ Jaco

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Valentine's Day ♥

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, it started back to when I was in elementary school. There is something magical about a day all about showing the people you love, that you love them. I loved when we used to pass out those silly valentine's with puppies and kittens on them, coincidentally I passed those out this year in my yearbook class ;), and everyone felt loved.

Here are a few pictures that make me feel like everyday is Valentine's Day.

Pretty flowers

A nerdy heart

And a pretty upset kitty!

Those pictures are either from google, or my computer <3

The following pictures are from weheartit :)

I pretty much failed and forgot to take pictures of MY valentines' day, but it was really amazing. Donny bought me a beauitful new purse and bow ring ;) I'll show pictures of THOSE bad boys later. He also gave me beautiful dark pink carnations. We played Super Paper Mario for hours and then had dinner that he made. That boy really is amazing :] I'll show more pictures later!

Love and turtledooooooves,

Robot Unicorn Attack (I kid you not)

While perusing the lovely blogs I follow, I landed on Miss Darling's wonderful blog. Since it is Friday, she is having her weekly Carousel My favorite thing on her list is Robot Unicorn Attack. I would love to know how exactly she was linked to it, or found on her own because it is hilarous. (I also got the picture from her site, quite a while ago.)

The point of Robot Unicorn Attack is to collect.... I believe they are fairies? And giant stars by jumping and dashing. It sounds pretty basic, but it goes pretty fast and is so addicting. I also loooove the song. It was stuck in my head pretty much all of this afternoon. Mostly the part that goes:
"I wanna beee with yoou. And live in harmony harmony oooooh yeeea."

Happy 4 Day weekend!
Love and turtledoves,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's in my bag!!!

I love when these kinda posts are put up, so here's what's in my bag:

1. Pink Leopard Wallet: fo' monies.
2. Daily Planner: I made it out of a pretty Journal I got at Target! I wanted to be more organized, so viola.
3. Glasses case: Sometimes I just don't want to wear my glasses.
4. Channel Pouch: For all the random things I like to carry. Ya know, pens, lipgloss, Advil.
5. Keys: Complete with USB drive and annoying Jingle Bell
6. Ti-89 Titanium Calculator: For the annoying Pre-Calc class I take
7. Book: The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher. So far it's pretty darn good.

My bag is a torn up bag I found on sale at Nordstorms. I love designer bags but I can't afford one right now.

I like to have everything I might need, just in case. I like to keep a book in case of a boring class day or a doctor's visit, ya know, those boring places that demand a book. I try to keep my purse as organized as possible, it keeps me sane ;)

Love and turtledoves,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday!


Since I am going along with Gala Darling's, Playgirl's Guide to Radical Self-Love, I am participating in her Things I Love Thursday! Every Thursday she writes a list of things she loves this week and this is my first!

1. My lovely boyfriend, we just went to Homecoming and it was amazing! If I do say so myself :)
2. Wearing socks with high heels! This week, I wore the cutest striped grey/greens/blues/orange socks with black suede pumps! And of course this all paired with a yellow flouncy skirt, grey v-neck, and kelly green cardi! Oh it was the best outfit of my week.
3. My cats. Although they wake me up every morning, I love the silly little things they do.
4. My besties! Sarah and I are having a sleep over tomorrow, it should be major fun.
5. Pancakes with syrup! Yum.
6. Working on my goal to be more positive towards my self image.
7. V-neck shirts.
8. Julie&Julia, the book. It was amazing! Julie Powell is simply hilarious, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.
9. Gauges ears. Nuf' said.
10. The weekend is almost here!

Also, we are supposed to make a goal for the month, a mantra, or something of the sort. So I decided to go with:
Perfect is over rated, embrace your unique side.

And I have yet to found a totem, hmmm what to do!

Have a great Thursday!
Love and turtle doves,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Shameless Plug to my FAV Website

This February, Gala Darling (One of my favorite writers, LOVE HER) is creating the "Playgirl's Guide to Radical Self-Love". It is going to be an amazing month of posts all about us girls. She is going to help spread self-love and help the women of the internet with body image, positive self-talk, and so many other things we tend to lack. To read the post, click the picture above! ;D

I'm so thrilled about this month because I, like just about the rest of the female population, I have body issues. Everyone really does and I'm not sure why they aren't addressed better by the world. I understand that fashion says we should be skinny and the media all says we should be blond, but I never get why we let it get to us. I don't even understand why I let it get to me, because believe me I do. In my worst of slumps I wish I was blond and tiny, but I know neither of those will ever happen! Blond wouldn't suit me and I have large hips so being skinny wouldn't do much anyway, yet I still dwell on it. I'm sure most women are this way. We all know we're beautiful in some way, yet still choose to dwell on our imperfections. This month, my goal will be to dwell on the good things about myself. And I'll add in some daily outfits on the way ;)

Love and turtledoves,


So I sew plushy robots, of various sorts and am working on a new one this week. I want to open an etsy this month so I can sell robots and other things I sew myself. I want to share my makings with the rest of the world. =]

I think the robot I make this week will be just a happy robot, maybe some different buttons from the usual. I have a whole jar of buttons now and I think I'll switch it up!

I'll let you know how it goes!

Love and turtledoves,