The Lovebot Factory

Early 2010 I decided to start making my own robot stuffed animals. I saw a similar plushy one day and decided I could do it better, and did. Each Lovebot is unique, none are exactly alike. I find the most joy out of creating things people seem to love and appreciate, they are more for others than for myself. I personally only own the first one I made, the rest are waiting for loving homes.

My Lovebots are 18" inches tall and made out fleece, with felt accents. The bodies are sewn through a sewing machine and the arms, legs, and accents are hand sewn.

My favorite part about creating these little darlings is the way people react when they receive them. Especially custom orders, because the person usually don't know exactly what they're getting. They're trusting me to create something they will love and I feel wonderful when it happens that way.

I currently sell my Lovebots on Etsy at:

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if you'd like to place a custom order!