Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eyebrow Worship

Okay so bare with me now, I know I am not a beauty blog. But when I love something, I really fucking love it. And the only speck of make up I refuse to leave the house without, is mascara and some bold brows. And I mean bold. I absolutely am against thin, "rainbow" brows that are so popular now. I mean good for you if you can pull that off, but I am against it. I love me a bold brow.

So here was my dilemma. Since I started dying my hair black two years ago, I have never found the perfect eyebrow make up. I first started doing my eyebrows with a dark brow pencil, but I didn't like how goopy it was. Then I used Elf's brow pallet, which is amazing for one dollar.

But after a while, and a few pictures... I realized the awful truth. It didn't match AT ALL! My eyebrows were super brown under bright light compared to my black hair. Just thinking of it makes me cringe. Then I tried Revlon's Color Stay Brown enhancer, which was really nice and dark and LASTED LIKE A MONTH. Boooo not cool. So I gave that up especially because it's 7 dollars a pop!

My next dilemma was the cost of good eyebrow make up. I wanted to try Two Faced and Urban Decay but they were way too pricey for my taste. So one day when browsing Ulta, I found Tarte's Eyebrow Mousse. And may I say it is AMAZING!

It comes in a little jar with a sweet brush! Which was perfect because I was wanting an eyebrow cream and a new brush just for my thick brows. This was my perfect solution. It was $28 dollars at Ulta and you can buy it online at Tarte.

I swear it is going to last forever, thank God!

Love and Turtledoves,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A much needed change

In case anyone is wondering, I have decided to change my entire blog and business. Now that I'm growing up, I feel like my old blog name is too innocent and out dated. I don't feel like a diamond in the dark anymore, I feel more like a strong, young artist who wants to shine. I want to share my journey living as an adult at nineteen, while trying to become the person I am on the inside.

In short, I want my blog and business to reflect who I am.

The biggest change to my business is I will most likely be switching from Etsy to Big Cartel. My biggest reason for the change is I feel Etsy is very sweet, and not very edgy. Also, I don't feel like my art fits on Etsy, only that my Lovebot's do. Big Cartel has less community features, but I feel like it's audience is more hip and dark. I will creating more just Lovebots and Big Cartel is where they will be.

I hope to have it all sorted out within the next few weeks and can't wait to see how the internet receives the new me. I'd like to thank everyone who still cares and hopefully you'll enjoy this new journey with me.

Love and Turtledoves,