Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eyebrow Worship

Okay so bare with me now, I know I am not a beauty blog. But when I love something, I really fucking love it. And the only speck of make up I refuse to leave the house without, is mascara and some bold brows. And I mean bold. I absolutely am against thin, "rainbow" brows that are so popular now. I mean good for you if you can pull that off, but I am against it. I love me a bold brow.

So here was my dilemma. Since I started dying my hair black two years ago, I have never found the perfect eyebrow make up. I first started doing my eyebrows with a dark brow pencil, but I didn't like how goopy it was. Then I used Elf's brow pallet, which is amazing for one dollar.

But after a while, and a few pictures... I realized the awful truth. It didn't match AT ALL! My eyebrows were super brown under bright light compared to my black hair. Just thinking of it makes me cringe. Then I tried Revlon's Color Stay Brown enhancer, which was really nice and dark and LASTED LIKE A MONTH. Boooo not cool. So I gave that up especially because it's 7 dollars a pop!

My next dilemma was the cost of good eyebrow make up. I wanted to try Two Faced and Urban Decay but they were way too pricey for my taste. So one day when browsing Ulta, I found Tarte's Eyebrow Mousse. And may I say it is AMAZING!

It comes in a little jar with a sweet brush! Which was perfect because I was wanting an eyebrow cream and a new brush just for my thick brows. This was my perfect solution. It was $28 dollars at Ulta and you can buy it online at Tarte.

I swear it is going to last forever, thank God!

Love and Turtledoves,

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