Friday, February 8, 2013

Want, Need, Gift three

Oops so I missed last weeks WNG! Sorry sorry, I'm not a very good blogger anymore.


This Illusion Ponte Bodycon Dress from Wet Seal. Although truthfully I don't know how well it would fit or look on me, I just love the mesh.
Ro'sArgan body Conditioner by Lush. It's like lotion in the shower and smells perfectly like roses, and no not like crazy heavy old lady perfume but like you rubbed yourself with roses all over. I love this stuff but at $30 a tub I haven't bought it in a good while. 

Also if you've never been to a Lush you need to find your nearest and get your batooty over there. It's a cosmetic HEAVEN.


I really want to get William the Die Hard collection cuz he wants it so damn bad. We'll see what the Valentine's Day fairy will bring!

Love and Turtledoves,