Friday, February 12, 2010

Robot Unicorn Attack (I kid you not)

While perusing the lovely blogs I follow, I landed on Miss Darling's wonderful blog. Since it is Friday, she is having her weekly Carousel My favorite thing on her list is Robot Unicorn Attack. I would love to know how exactly she was linked to it, or found on her own because it is hilarous. (I also got the picture from her site, quite a while ago.)

The point of Robot Unicorn Attack is to collect.... I believe they are fairies? And giant stars by jumping and dashing. It sounds pretty basic, but it goes pretty fast and is so addicting. I also loooove the song. It was stuck in my head pretty much all of this afternoon. Mostly the part that goes:
"I wanna beee with yoou. And live in harmony harmony oooooh yeeea."

Happy 4 Day weekend!
Love and turtledoves,

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