Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Love Thursday!


Since I am going along with Gala Darling's, Playgirl's Guide to Radical Self-Love, I am participating in her Things I Love Thursday! Every Thursday she writes a list of things she loves this week and this is my first!

1. My lovely boyfriend, we just went to Homecoming and it was amazing! If I do say so myself :)
2. Wearing socks with high heels! This week, I wore the cutest striped grey/greens/blues/orange socks with black suede pumps! And of course this all paired with a yellow flouncy skirt, grey v-neck, and kelly green cardi! Oh it was the best outfit of my week.
3. My cats. Although they wake me up every morning, I love the silly little things they do.
4. My besties! Sarah and I are having a sleep over tomorrow, it should be major fun.
5. Pancakes with syrup! Yum.
6. Working on my goal to be more positive towards my self image.
7. V-neck shirts.
8. Julie&Julia, the book. It was amazing! Julie Powell is simply hilarious, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.
9. Gauges ears. Nuf' said.
10. The weekend is almost here!

Also, we are supposed to make a goal for the month, a mantra, or something of the sort. So I decided to go with:
Perfect is over rated, embrace your unique side.

And I have yet to found a totem, hmmm what to do!

Have a great Thursday!
Love and turtle doves,

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