Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh the irony!

The beautiful, yellow, patent leather irony!

So, in my "What's in my Bag" post, I ended with saying how trashy my bag was and how much I wanted a nice bag, but couldn't afford it. Well, that has been true, along with the fact I could never find a bag I really loved loved loved and wanted to pay so much money for.

Then... Today happened.

My mother came home with this beautiful piece of Coach:


And I pretty much died of happiness! I have never owned a nice bag, the closest thing I have is my pink Chanel pouch, and am soooo pumped to finally own one! I'm not going to break it out until summer because of school but when I do, it'll get some real time love time ♥ ♥

Love and turtle doves!!! ♥
♥ Jaco


  1. Sweet bag! I am eternally on the lookout for bags it seems. I just found one I love at a thrift store. I found your blog thru "Something Sweet" :)

  2. Wow, I don't usually like fancy bags but this one is SO cute, you're a lucky girl :)

  3. Thank you both so much! I usually can't find a bag I adore but someone my mother came through ;)


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