Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Six.

Today I drove down to my Dad's house to spend a week with my wonderful family. We had a great dinner (chicken, potatoes, watermelon, veggies, ect. YUM) and an even better dessert (brownies and ice cream. DOUBLE YUM.) I am big on sweets, I wish they weren't so terrible because I know if they weren't I'd be a lot skinnier. I am starting to love my body but I also know I love sweets more, haha. Someday I'll have some self control.

Anyway, today is Day Six of my photo month. I am supposed to post a picture that inspires me. I'm not sure what kind of picture I'm going to go for, since as of right now I don't know. I have a folder in my computer labeled "Inspiration"... I think I might just post more than one.

This picture is a major inspiration for me, because I am a stressful person. It's currently my background.

This kind of picture makes me want much better pictures of Donny and I. We're getting pictures done in a little while, but I can only hope they are as good as this.

I have a ton of beautiful tattoo pictures, mostly because this is how I really see beauty. I love how unique tattoos make a person.

This picture makes my OCD scream, "Pay attention to me!" Even though my bookcase is organized like this ;). It also makes me want a pug. But you know what dog I really want?

[The pictures are either from weheartit or google.]
Yes please ♥.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Sunday. I am loving this week away from friends, no offense I love you all dearly. However, I like being here with my family because it's all about me and my family. I can't be bothered but I couldn't leave, since none of them live here. I love a good get away. :]

Good night!

Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. I really want business cards. Do you guys think that would help my little business? ♥ don't hesitate to comment, I love to hear from you all! Remember you can comment using blogger/google, Live Journal, Word Press, Type Pad, Aim, Open Id, and even if you don't have any of those! Feel free to leave your name or even comment anonymously, I love it all. ♥

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