Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday, Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning so far, I sure am. The closer I get to leaving for PA the more excited I get, even though I'm going to miss my computer. Before I leave I'll set my twitter to actually text me so I can stay kind of connected. I'm going to miss blogging very much and probably have to put my Etsy on "vacation mode". Like that's gonna help me get some sales, oh well ♥ I want to enjoy my time with my grandparents.

Today is also my Day Eleven: A picture of your favorite drink.

I loooooooooove a good Coca Cola. Especially if I haven't had one in a month or two, it's like caramel colored gold. It's my special occasion drink.

But I also love having a pitcher of lemonade or crystal light in the fridge at all times. I think it's a great way to keep hydrated when you just don't feel like water. My dad and Kathy keep a pitch of crystal light for my niece and nephew but if I stay a while I drink it all and get to pick the next flavor!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about animals. My cat, Muffin, was having some tummy troubles when I was home so I've been very worried about her. She's 10 this year and I have been worried we'd have to take her to the vet and risk the possibility of putting her down. Although I'm usually a very unattached person, I can accept loss easily, I have been pretty upset about the issue. She's been my kitty for so long I just would feel terrible if she had to be put down... I think that's why I've been dreaming of having a French bulldog next year. Donny and I hope to have either a small dog or cat when we move in and I used to petition for a kitty, and now a doggy. I'm pretty torn.

On one hand, if Muffin is fine I'd want to take her with us. She's my baby... but since she is 10 I would be worried moving her again would be bad for her health. I really love cats and they way they behave, so it's usually my number one choice.

This little Siamese reminds me of Muffin a lot.
*all images above from weheartit*

However, lately I've fallen for French Bulldogs. I wish I knew someone who had one so I could see how they act, but I love their little froggy faces. I think they're darling in a really goofy way.

*image from*

Although I don't move out for a year, I really look forward to having a little sweetheart to take care of... my maternal instincts tell me I'm going to need a pet. I can only take care of Donny so much of course, but he's a grown man. He doesn't need me the way a doggy or kitty would... Oh conundrums.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday. Anyone know a Frenchie? Would you recommend one? If so or not, why?

Love and Turtledoves,

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