Monday, May 17, 2010

Sewing is....


Fulfilling and rewarding, even if my Lovebots don't sell.

Completely natural for me, I feel like a fish in water.

And my form of meditation.

I realized today, while working on my first bib necklace, that sewing is a big stress reliever for me. It takes all of my attention, even to the point that I forget other people are in the same room (sorry Babe!). I have a lot of thing I enjoy such as clarinet, writing, reading, ect, but sewing is the only one that does this for me. It is the only thing that takes all of my attention is sewing. It clears my mind of everything.

This is something that is important in my life. I am a very stressful person by nature. I obsess over things that can't control, mostly because I can't control them. I rely so much on logic, when I'm upset, that I over rule anyone's thoughts but a professional in whatever I'm upset about. And although my obsessing has gotten better as I get older, it doesn't mean I've completely beaten it. I'm not sure I really ever will. Sometimes I just get upset. There isn't always a reason and those are the days I can't really beat it.

When those days happen, sewing is my best medicine. It takes my thoughts off of the pain I feel for no reason, or for a silly reason. Sewing is my meditation.

How do you deal with stress? Do you work out? Write? Sing your pain away? What is your mediation?

Love and Turtledoves,


  1. Hi!! I just wanted to stop by and say how cute your blog is!! I stumbeled across it through a friends and glad I did! I love to journal when Im stressed, I find it very therapuetic :)

  2. Stress.. I eat something I really enjoy, turn of the television or remove myself from people... listen to some music I really love.. and have some down time. I also like to write, so I like to write something constructive.. not emotional.
    ps: your robots are AWESOME.

  3. @ Lindsey: Thank you for stopping by! I like to write too when I'm stressed, it helps relieve it a little.

    @Kate: Oh I wish I had time for down time lately, haha! And thank you so much, I put my heart into everyone of them. :)


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