Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Weekend! ♥

Hello hello my wonderful lovelies! I hope you all feel better than I do. I'm battling a head cold, which has moved into my chest. If I had a video camera, I could let you hear how terribly I sound. hahaha As I wrote on facebook: "If a frog and a smoker had a baby, that baby would sound like I do today." My voice is so quiet and raspy I've just decided not to talk today! Hopefully no one calls, right? Riiiiight.

I've had a pretty good weekend so far. Yesterday was a good day, school was long but I was finally able to take the proofs of my yearbook pages home! I'm so proud of them I'm going to have to get them their own folder! Then after school, Donny and I went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, which was better than I thought! We originally wanted to go to Applebee's or Red Robin but, of course, Friday is date night and they were super busy. After dinner we went to the community college to watch their production of Little Women the musical.

It was really amazing! I was unaware of how much talent lies in our hobunk town! All the actors could really belt it out and the pit did wonderfully. Also, I was so proud of Donny for the great stage! He's been working hard on it all semester with his stage craft production class and it was truly amazing. For example, there was a set that was supposed to be Jo's Attic and I didn't know the "wood planking" walls were muslin! I'm so proud of that boy.

Well, I'm off to plan the new bib necklace I'm making! I'll post pictures as it comes along. Hopefully I'll get better soon.

Love and Turtledoves,

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