Sunday, May 23, 2010

Online finds....

So today I was going through my bookmarks, to realize how much stuff I've kept in the hopes I would ever buy it! It's like online window shopping... with an obsessive tendency. So here are a few of the things I really would love in my home, someday!

I have wanted this Chandelier from Dutch by design for years. However, it's super expensive... But this is what I want not what I need so =P

These cute cats are from A+R, they're wall decals! Wouldn't that be a cute little addition? I like the one that is creeping, he'd look cute coming out from behind my Ikea bookcase. ♥

I thing this little plant is so sweet! They say Happy Birthday, or Love, or thank you, ect! You water it and a sweet little plant comes out! Also from A+R

I need this. Mod Cloth

Super cute! From Plastic Land!

I think this would be super cute in front of my future apartment! Plastic Land

Wouldn't this be a sweet way to write little notes? Plastic Land

Wouldn't this be the perfect home accessory? Poor little unicorn. Shana Logic!

I always shop for home decor, I think because I move out next year. I want an entire space to decorate :D What do you like to shop for?

Love and Turtledoves,

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  1. Sorry about the missing pictures! I shall get on that right away =]


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