Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rainbow Nails

Hello hello everyone! I just thought I'd do an update while my finger nails dry. I've been stressing so much over finals that I decided to paint my nails to myself feel better. My thumbs are pink sparkles, my pointer fingers are orange sparklies, my middle fingers are lemon, my ring fingers are light green, and my pinkies are teal! Take that boring one color! Haha, I love that something this simple has made me feel so much better. My finals are this week and I'm just drained, I can hardly think anymore!

On a better note, Donny might get his tattoo soon! He's saved up ( and has an awesome coupon ;] ) and is, most likely, going to get his first tattoo in a week or so. How exciting is that! I'm so proud of my boy. ♥ Also, my super nice earrings are coming in soon! I found out that Omerica Organic Body Jewelry had a half off sale a little while ago, and I POUNCED! I can't wait to get them, and I'll make sure to post a picture as soon as I can. ♥ HINT: They have owls on them. :D

I hope everyone is having a good evening!

Love and Turtledoves,
Jaco Pants

P.S. I am watching Minute to Win it! That Kevin Jonas kid is amazing at this game! He's kicking BOOOOTAAAAH.

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