Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have some serious hair envy right now. I am so ready to have long, beautiful hair! My hair used to be really really short:

Like uber uber short. I loved it but I missed braids, curls, ect ect. To be honest I miss it sometimes.

Then kinda in the middle-ish and without style D:
Thank God I got a hair cut, amirite?

This is me RIGHT NOW.

I think hair is a really beautiful way to express who you are and a great confidence boost, for sure! I have an entire folder in my pictures of "hair envy". Needless to say, I wish I could dye my hair every color.

I love red hair

And blonde...

and pink...
(weheartit, BUT this is Gala Darling)

and random colors :]
(I found this picture on weheartit, but this is Kaylah of the Dainty Squid!)

BUT, for right now ♥, I am looking forward to looking like this :D


Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. Odd fact. If you type "hair" into weheartit, you get a lot of pictures of Avril Lavigne. I was like what the what!!!

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