Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Summer's got me dreaming

Happy Tuesday my lovely little friends! Alright I know there aren't many people who read my blog but I think it'll happen eventually. Until then I will write for my own enjoyment! So today I'm not feeling very sunny at all and have decided to give myself a freeday to dress like a slob. I have a Metal Mulisha shirt on and Donny's pajamjam bottoms. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

SO to brighten up my gloomy morning, here is a photo dump.:3 (Meow)
She makes this face when you make a kissy sound. It just melts my heart

This is my favorite thing to say to Donny. "You're just my favorite!"
(le love)

This makes me laugh everytime :)

Sometimes you just gotta be a nedasaure.

Anyone else ready for spring and summer? I know I am! I think I've gotta start preparing, so I made a list.
I waaaant:
A new dress
(we heart it)

A pretty one piece bathing suit
(we heart it)


A BIG sun hat!
(we heart it)

And then I'll hit the beach. And I don't even like the beach!
(we heart it)

What are you all wishing for?
Love and Beachdoves,


  1. I really like this post babes =]. Great job =]

  2. Thanks for saying you look like a slob while your wearing my metal mulisha shirt noooob.
    Can't wait till you go shopping and get all those new clothes :3 gonna be soo cute!


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