Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's warmin' up!

I am ready for Spring/Summer. (In case you haven't noticed.) I am ready for warm weather and in my town's case, wind. Even though I hate the wind, I'm prepared for it. I am ready for school to get out for my last summer as child (lawl), and do shit. Pardon my French.

My summer will consists of:

Knott's Berry Farm! (I bought a season pass)

(Maybe) Disneyland!


(Well this picture was at the pool but I don't think we took any pictures at the beach last summer.)

I'm going to Pennsylvania for two weeks, to stay with my favorite Grandparents :)

(haha I couldn't find a picture of Pennsylvania so I just found a funny grandma picture. :] )

I'm going to REALLY start my Etsy.

Some more of those!

And some more big hair bows!

Anyone else having a busy busy summer?
Love and Beachdoves,


  1. We definitely gotta take pictures at the beach this time though. And at Knott's. We need to take them EVERYWHERE we go. EVERYWHERE!


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