Sunday, March 21, 2010

A 50's Inspiration

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your weekends are going swell, mine is just peachy. This is the second day of my Spring Break (!!!!) and I have yet to sleep in, haha. I got up very early today and decided it was cleaning day. Sooo that's about it ;) I cleaned the bathroom and dusted my room pretty well, even organized my bookshelf better since it was getting pretty cluttered. I have to remember to clean the fish bowl next.

The good thing about my busy cleaning day, is I found my old touch screen pda. :D I can write little lists and cross things off! I usually use paper but I kinda like how organized the pda is. I looove that it has an alarm for my lists so I don't forget. I've been known to accidentally forget about or even throw away my hand written lists. Soooo I'm hoping the pda will help me.

I'm off to Ralphs! Happy Sunday! ♥

Love and Cleaningdoves,

Oh Right! I dressed a little 50's today, kinda. I was cleaning so I didn't dress wooonderfully but I had a bandanna on. :D

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