Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Whirlwind of My Life

     I honestly am unsure on where to start about my last week, we were so busy I'm still catching up on sleep! I had the most amazing week of my life, I've never felt so loved and accomplished at the same time. It was a week of love, school nonsense, and liberation.
     On Thursday my man came back to me to celebrate my graduation. We spent the day at Victoria Gardens window shopping, food eating, and cigar smoking. We've discovered our favorite way to spend time together is to just sit, smoke a cigar, and talk. Since we don't spend a lot of time physically together we tend to enjoy the quiet moments even more than the exciting ones. Also we enjoy window shopping because it's a cheap way to spend time together when money is tight.

     Friday was graduation day and there were more activities than I truly care for, haha! In the morning we had senior breakfast, which was a sweet way for us to bond as a class one last time. Afterwards we had senior chapel, which is where the Class of 2011 put on a chapel service for our families. We had speeches, testimonials (including mine), an "over the years" video, and my personal favorite was my good friend Tim's teacher appreciation song. I hope someone video taped it so I can share it with you all! It was truly beautiful. Then we had a crazy long graduation practice, which my sweet man had to sit through like a true boyfriend. Once that was done we had Mediterranean food, which was to die for and then headed back to my house so I could get ready.

      William wore his suit, which is smoking hot, and I wore this year's Homecoming dress. I wish I would have had more time to get ready, but truly I didn't care all that much. I was getting nervous at the idea of a thousand people staring at me for an hour and didn't really focus on the fact that my hair was a little wet still. So I donned my blue robe, gold sash and rope, and my goofy blue hat and headed up on stage with my thirty fellow graduates. Our ceremony is very personal compared to public school graduations, we have videos and as few speeches as possible. It's lovely, really.

     Once we were all graduated, of course screaming and hugging was in order, all was right in the world. I adored my school, not so much the whole high school thing, but my school was lovely. However, it has become time to fly the coop and indeed we all have! It is now my time to grow into the young woman I aspire to be.

     And then the next day I got my septum pierced.

     The rest of the week, well until Tuesday, William and I celebrated my accomplishment with friends and family. Sunday we had a party at my Dad's house, which I truly loved and felt so loved. We had food, karaoke, an ice cream bar, and a ton of nice cards. I can't express how loved I felt with my family and friends there, it's truly a beautiful feeling. I felt loved to have everyone there and it made it perfect to have William in with the mix.

    On Tuesday he left for home in the early afternoon to get ready for his new job at Fry's Electronics and we kept smiles on until the very last second. It's always hard to say goodbye but we always have another trip planned and that makes it a lot less painful. Fortunately we had just made plans, that morning, for me to come to Vegas to see him and his family in the first week of July. Robert, William's brother, has a birthday that week so we're not gonna tell him hehe, it's gonna be a neat surprise! :)

    Over all I'm still amazed that I'm out of high school and officially a freshmen in college. Things are so radically different in such a small amount of time that I'm still adjusting. I'm going to college in the fall, William starts a new job on Monday, summer is here and I'm free to visit him, truly I'm free to make my own decisions; it's all new for me!

I have even more new from this week but I'll leave it for tomorrow!
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. I've still got two weeks until graduation, and I already feel this weird overwhelmed but GREAT feeling you're talking about here.

    Congratulations on such an important milestone in life, and you're so lucky to have had William there with you to celebrate :) xo

  2. I'm so happy you have Will as your boyfriend! And that you get to live with your other family. They're so cute and so sweet! I'm happy you're in a good place all round.


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