Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From one friend to another.

Tonight one of my good friends is graduating high school.
Unfortunately, I moved last week and was unable to head up the hill for it. 
I just really want her to know how proud I am of her and how much I love her.

This is insanely embarrassing but this is us back in the eight grade.

And this is my lovely friend now, isn't she beautiful? 

Meredith, of The Violet Rosebush, has been a friend of mine since second grade. We used to go to the same school until she transferred in the sixth grade. We've had our ups and down in our friendship but Meredith truly has always been there for me. She is the most beautiful, intelligent young woman I know and it is truly a privilege to know her. 

I'm very proud of you, dear. 
I hope you enjoy your night, it's all for you. 
I love you very much.

Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. Yes, Meredith, I am a creep and downloaded that from your facebook. You love it.

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  1. I do love it, and I love you! Thank you so much! You are the sweetest, kindest, awesomest person I know. (No, that isn't a word, but I don't care. You love it.) =D


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