Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Resolutions


Last year I made the resolution to wear more dresses, an attempt at gaining more confidence and learning to love who I am. Although I didn't always stick to my goal, I have changed a lot in my dressing habits and have learned to like myself in all types of clothing. This winter I've been bundling up in silly sweaters, but doing my hair and making it okay to look a little sloppy. I've learned that I can be confident in anything I wear, even if it's jeans and a t-shirt. I have learned to love myself better because I'm worth loving myself.

This year my first resolution is:
The 365 Picture A Day Project!
I want to document my life better. I am going to try the 365 picture project, something I've wanted to try for years but didn't want to start halfway though a year. As of January first I will be taking at least one picture a day of something that had to do with my day. It might be an outfit, it might be an activity, I don't really have anyway of knowing. I'm just going to try my darnedest to take pictures of my life more often. Then I'll post them on a new flickr and do a weekly update on the blog of what I've been doing.

My second resolution is:
To let my hair grow looooong.
I am going to let my hair grow for an entire year. I am allowed to trim it and cut my fringe/frame. That's it. No chopping it off when I tired of it, no new hair style, just let it grow out. When I went for the bob most of my layers were cut off so I figure it'll look fine if I just let it grow.... and grow and grow. My goal is to keep from cutting it until January 2012.

I really hope I can hold to both my resolutions, I try to make them enjoyable and not stuff I "need" to do. :) What are your resolutions?
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. We have the same resolutions. No lie.

    And you took the pic of Will down. <3

  2. Nevermind. He's still studly. xD

    AK (Edison likes to rewire our electricity)

  3. the 365 pictures project is one I've always wanted to do! Though this coming year I've started a blog for a "creation a day" sort of thing instead. similar, probably equally as exciting and daunting too!

    good luck with yours! xo


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