Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Few Oddities

Outtake of a cute picture. ;)

1. I loooooove watery oatmeal. Like really watery. If it's too thick, I don't eat it.

2. I hear a rhythm in just about everything. In between clock ticks, words in video game songs, ect. It's everywhere. For example, in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess there is this one looped song in the ice temple/fortress and one of the beats sounds like it says "Rusty Trawler" like from breakfast at Tiffany's.

3. I have pet peeves about the way people say Jacqueline. Most people say it with two syllables, like my cousin Jacklyn. I'm kinda picky because it's three syllables and I like hearing it the right way. (Even my ex-boyfriend said it wrong half the time!) Some of the time I just tell people it's Jaco so they can't mispronounce it haha!

4. I am a yogurt fiend. You know how they sell yoplay for 10 for like 5 dollars? I use that deal.

5. I really like to read silly teenage book; especially ones about... hehe don't laugh okay! I really like pirate books. L. A. Meyer has a great series about a girl named Mary Faber who leaves London poverty to become a sailor. Silly I know but they're soooo good.

Well those are just a few weird things about me! I'll do another post when I think of more :)
What oddities do you have?
Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. Rammstein was totally in America for the first time in ten years, tonight. Did anyone else cry because they don't live in New York today? Will and I suuuure did.

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