Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Day At A Time

My life lately has been very up and down. Everyday seems to be a little battle in itself, wether it be to stay in a good mood or even as bad as to get anything done. I am still adjusting to the fact that my schedule is different than it has been in a long time and I need to make time to talk to William. We get up at different times, can't talk at different times, and go to sleep at very different times. 

I've been battling a lot with myself most days. Lately I've been wanting to do nothing. Sleep all day and ignore the fact that I have books to read and German homework to do. I've been unmotivated to sew or blog, and really don't like to leave the house much. But I know there are a lot of things I have to do right now. I have to get up at 6:30 every morning and get ready to drive half a hour then try to park for ten to fifteen minutes. Then class. On somedays I come home after that, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a huge break and then a two and a half hour class. (I hate those days...) All while trying to put on a good face and pretend I'll have a good day. 

So these are my days. And that's how I try to take them, one day at a time. I just fight day by day until it's easier. Until I'm happier. I'll be with William a week from tomorrow so I am praying to God it boosts my moral. I know I'll be happy to be with him but it's hard to come home and feel the same. 
I seriously need a pick me up.

Love and Turtledoves,



    I definitely know how hard it is but I will defintely be praying for you. And any day that you are feeling really down, I hop on a Metro train (well a couple, plus a bus) and we can party like pop-tarts or I'll give you a hug and we can go talk about it somewhere. Love you, Jaco.

  2. You look gorgeous in your picture! Keep your chin up. Troubled days are temporary. I wish I could pop over and see you! Love you, pretty lady :)


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