Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nothing could be better


Lately I've been really quiet here, I'm aware of that. And I apologize, I really have been preoccupied with other aspects of my life. School is winding down for spring break, which starts this Friday and lasts for two weeks. I've been anxiously waiting for my best friend/boyfriend to come to town and I am happy to say that is in two days!

When life goes well it's easy to take for granted the great things happening around you. I sometimes forget that not four months ago I was miserable and everything seemed to be ruined. I thought I didn't have many friends and that the person I cared about no longer cared for me. I need to remember these things to appreciate what I have.

I have friends who always invite me, with feverish persistence, to sweet little trips. I have a lovely boyfriend who is coming to see me in a couple of days. I have a beautiful family who is supportive and happy for me. I have a cat that sits on my lap, back, legs, body in general everyday and purrs the entire time. I turn eighteen in two months and graduate in three.

Nothing could make this time of my life any better. I always long to appreciate it this much.

Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. Wonderful news: William and I are going to the beach with my friends on Saturday :) Pumped to show off my new bikini!


  1. beautiful photo jacqueline & have fun @ the beach

  2. Oh the photo is from weheartit but thank you I will have a blast! :)

  3. don't apologise! we all have really important things going on in our lives and sometimes we need to take a break away from blogging to look at the bigger things :). Cool picture btw!



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