Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 2 of 6


Day 2

Saturday morning we get up early and off to Starbucks we go. I wore a patterned beach dress and sandals, he wore the blue collared shirt I gave him for Valentine's day (sleeves rolled down out of respect for my grandparents and parents) and jeans. Saturday was the day for William to meet my mom's family for breakfast and go to the beach with my friends later in the day.

After an early Starbucks date, we headed to the store to prepare to make breakfast for my mom, step father, grandpa, and grandma. We decided to make waffles, eggs, and bacon to make a good first impression. The breakfast went well and all good impressions were made, even though I spilled egg on the oven and cooked it onto the oven...

After breakfast we got in the car, complete with towels, sunscreen, a packed lunch, and extra clothes for when the sun goes down, and headed down to Huntington Beach. We really started cruising once we bought an ipod adapter for my car: blasting the gangster rap! Of course we got to the beach early and waited for my friends to arrive.

Once all there, we parked ourselves down close to the water and spread our blankets out. The thing I love about my friends is the fact that although we were all together at the beach, it was never a problem to break into groups or do our own things. We all enjoyed each others company without the hassle of needing to do everything today.

So our day at the beach consisted of sun bathing, playing in the freezing cold water (no no no wasn't my idea ;] ), having lunch in the car, and dinner at bj's restaurant. He got a bit darker and in comparison I got a bit lighter, since he's so olive and I'm so very pale! After a long day of play in the sun, we headed back to my hometown while my friends started a bonfire and played into the night. Even more tired than the night before, once I was home I crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow: dreaming of Day 3.

Love and Turtledoves,


  1. Ah! I love these. So wonderful to see you happy!

  2. soo sad i couldnt be there! i love you so much jaco and im sooo happy for you and will!
    you make me happy:) <3


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