Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 3 of 6

We didn't take any pictures on Day 3 but here is one of our many from Day 5.
We often are caught derping herps.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to head over to Marie Calendar's for breakfast. William's hotel was right across the street and we figured they wouldn't mind making a plain breakfast for him, since he is very health conscience.

Of course when we sat down we got the funniest look from the waitress, I guess she's not used to a couple sitting on the same side of the booth! Well it's our thing okay? ;) While we waited for our food, Will popped on some Epic Meal Time on his iphone 3GS and we laughed until breakfast was served. I ordered french toast with wild berry jam (which was freaking to die for! I would go again just for that) and he ordered eight scrambled eggs and four slices of dry toast. (I apologize for not being so much of a blogger that I take pictures of my food. I'm not that OG yet.)

After breakfast we made our way down to Fullerton because I wanted to show William the school, CSUF, that I hope to attend in the fall. So we parked the car at a Starbucks, grabbed a drink, and walked over to the campus. It being a Sunday, no one was there so we had the perfect opportunity to walk around and site see, while I attempted to remember what buildings were for what purpose. After a while we sat and talked about the way the campus makes me feel; like I'm at home. I have always felt like I belonged there, which is one of the big reasons I hope to there.

Around three we headed out to got to my dad's house, it was time for him to meet the other side of my family (the much larger side). Every Sunday, at my dad's house, we have family dinners and I figured it would be the best way for him to meet, most, of my family. He met my dad, step monster, brother Cam, brother Chris, Chris' wife Lori and their kids Mandy and Mikey. We talked, they got to know my beau a little, and then we all had tortellini for dinner and brownies for dessert.

We all had a wonderful time, if I do say so myself. I sat back while I watched my dad, brother, and boyfriend connect over Star Wars, Star Trek, computers, and nerdy jokes. I love when my family is all together and to have the boyfriend I care so dearly for in the mix truly touched my heart. One thing I can't wait for is to get them all together again so they can see the great man I see, the goof ball who has never ceased to make me laugh.

Love and Turtledoves,


  1. I love seeing you so happy!! You two are adorable.

    oh and,
    "he ordered eight scrambled eggs and four slices of dry toast"
    UHHH, WHAT?! EIGHT EGGS?! hahahha that's intense!

    My ex was extremely health conscious and that reminds me of something he would order... he'd do that with the iPhone app too probably (he didn't have an iPhone when I was with him)

  2. Oh trust me when he first told me he could eat an entire carton of eggs (and trust me he's soooo lean) I laughed. But he surely can! At home he makes them with mostly egg whites but he eats them none the less :)


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