Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello Hello!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! I know that I am! My day has been filled with a joy I try not to experience very often. That is... the joy of new sewing supplies!!!!! I decided to brighten my day with some new fabric, thread I desperately needed, and buttons! Isn't this small treasure every crafter's dream?! (Btw, it sure is mine ♥ )

OH right! I bought nail polish too! And mentos ;)

This is lovely Mortimer :]

Another update is I sold my first Lovebot last week! Mortimer Monsterbot found a wonderful home and I've never been so happy to make them. :) My hope is to continue to sell them, all I need is to grow in my followers of this blog and sell more goods! I swear they are very well made. I put all of my heart into every Lovebot I make and would love to spread the joy I get out of them, to other people. I also take custom orders, I actually am looking forward to one of those in the future. :)


And... among all these great things is a small upset in my thought process... I really enjoy blogging and I feel like it's something I will be very good at, eventually... Yet at the same time, I'm trying very hard to stay optimistic about this. I must try harder I suppose...

I hope you all a wonderful week ♥
Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. I can't believe my concert is this Friday! I feel like it was just the first practice.


  1. HI! I love your blog. I love to hear about how your life is going and now I get to read it directly from you! Your lovebots are adorable, btw.
    Love, Meredith!

  2. Thank you so so so much! It's always great to hear from you :)


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