Thursday, April 29, 2010

A few more things about me

1. I am terrified of large fish. Not whales, dolphins, ect but like coi, bass, the like. I walked into the fish area of a pet store once and pretty much freaked out.

2. I am almost always a clean freak. I like everything to be in its place and if it isn't, it stresses me out biiiiiig time. BUT this only applies to spaces that I feel I am at home. My home, Donny's Home, my dad's house.

3. I used to be a really terrible dresser. Like ugly jeans and shirts. I changed this when I became friends with a girl named Ashley, and now I'm pretty fashionable. To be honest, lately I've been straying away from jeans, they're not all that comfortable anymore. (If I say so myself.)

4. I never wear face make-up.

5. I have a fish named Franz, who I have nearly killed twice. (On accident I swear!) He's a blue and purple Beta.

6. I used to really wish I was blond and blue eyed. However, the older I get the more I love my brown eyes and dark brown hair.

7. My dad is a successful pilot; I'm afraid of heights.

8. I have a big problem with anxiety and stress. I've been able to handle it better over these last few years, but when I first started getting anxious in 8th grade it was terrible. I couldn't control myself or the way I felt and would never want to go back to that time. But now I'm a lot more healthy and, usually, I can control my anxiety/stress level.

9. I'm a little embarrassed to say Donny is my first boyfriend. I try to forget so it doesn't hinder our relationship.

10. I have only kissed 3 people.

11. I seriously love pink and yellow. Yellow is so happy and pink is so comforting. However, I feel I look my best in a lot of black.

Love and Turtledoves,

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