Thursday, August 5, 2010

We all grow like trees.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about change. I used to be very rigid when it came to change, and in truth it still messes with my anxiety problem. However, as I grow older, I am learning to accept and even enjoy change. Change in every form is good in some way or another. People grow individually, as a culture, as a family, as a whole.

Change has been on my mind because this year as done a lot to me. I realized that, even though I thought 17 was just a number that meant nothing (much like 15 actually was), I grew from an adolescent to an adult this year. I am beginning to know who I am and who I am not. This is what this great year has taught me.

Recently I have ended two friendships that I had for many years. Although, at some point, these friendships were very important to me and that has changed. I have changed and so have the two girls I speak of. And that is wonderful. I never want to be the same person for very long, I strive to constantly grow. I hope to constantly become a better person.

I apologize for the change in posting today, it was all I had on my mind. A tragedy struck my school today... so please send your positive energy, prayers, or whatever you believe in their way.

Tomorrow will be better.
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. It is always hard for me to "end" friendships, even when it seems it just isn't there anymore. People change, people grow apart. Some stay friends, some don't. I have considered the ending of friendships, and soon they probably will, wether I end them, or they just end themselves. There is a reason for all things.

    I do not know your hardship at your school, but I hope those who it hurt recover.

  2. I agree Korey, everything does happen for a reason. With both of the friendships I mentioned, I knew they would end when I move next year. I knew they were burn out eventually. Unfortunately, for both cases, they ended dramatically. I figure either way, it would have happened.

    And thank you. They will someday, but it will take time.


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