Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye Summer!

weheartit, because Donny and I still haven't gone to the beach this year.

Slowly but steadily, my last "summer vacation" slips away from me. Next year everything will be new and different. This has been a wonderful last summer, lots of time with family, friends, and my sewing machine. My business has grown into my little baby these last few months, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Although I am sad to see my summer go by, I look to the future for comfort. The ability to start to support myself, I know I won't be "independent" for a while (I'll definitely still need my wonderful parents.), has been something I have always wanted. Literally, it's been something I have constantly wanted. I have never been the type to want to stay home and live with my family. I adore them all so much, but I'm the independent type. :)

I've very happy to report that, if Donny and I can afford an apartment with pets, we should be taking Muffin when we move. hehe! I have a hard time thinking a home is a place without a cat or a dog, so I was pretty over joyed when my mom said I could take her. I go Muffin when I was 7, so although she is a grouchy old woman, she's a little part of my family. ♥ Donny promised we can take her, so that's that right?! :)

In more recent news, Elsie of A Beautiful Mess is doing a 4 Simple Goals Challenge that I'm interested in. However, I only have one goal so far. I want to ACTUALLY loose weight so that 1. I can be a little more happy with my body and 2. So I can look better for my beeeautiful sister's wedding. She's the sweetest thing and asked me to be in her wedding, so I gotta look HOT the day after I turn 18 (which is her wedding day). I'm going to have to ponder on my other 3 goals, I'm just not sure yet.

Are any of you doing her 4 Simple Goals Challenge? I'd LOVE to know what they are ♥.

Love and Turtledoves,
Jaco Pants

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