Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hopeful thinking

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Everyday I am more thankful for the wonderful life I am blessed with. I have a wonderful family who supports me no matter what, even when they don't agree with what I want. My final year of high school is beginning very soon and I am looking forward to ending this great time in my life.

High school has neither been absolutely wonderful or outrageously terrible. I've met some wonderful people and grown up so much over these years. I am ready to end this time of my life and walk towards a new phase. My adult years are truly beginning, something I've waited for since I was a tween.

I have always looked forward to true independence in the form of adulthood. Not in the way that I can do whatever I want, I've never been that sort of girl. I've never been terribly rebellious, although I am a free thinker. I want adulthood so I can be independent. I know I won't be for a few years, but I will be as much as I can as soon as I can.

I mostly look forward to organizing and taking care of myself. Sure, Donny and I are moving in together, but we are not going to be "taking care" of each other. We understand we need to take care of ourselves first and each other second. For a while, we'll simply be living together and loving each other. The taking care of one another comes later, when we are stable in our new lives.

I also look forward to my sister's wedding, which is the day after my 18th birthday. So I will be in Hawaii and with one whole side of my family. :)

Thinking of the future is what truly makes me happy. I love my current life, but knowing it is pulling me toward better things is a constant companion. The future I have been working for for so very long, is suddenly near. I simply cannot wait to see what life throws my way.

Love and Turtledoves,

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