Monday, July 5, 2010

A Very Good Day

Good morning, everyone! I hope you all are in as great of a mood as I am! Today just feels like a very good day, most likely becuase it's one of the last days I have in Pennsylvania. I've had a wonderful wonderful trip, but I'm ready to get home and work on my shop. :]

As most of you know I have a BIG update on July 15th that I'm really looking forward to. I have at least 7 new Lovebots to put on the site, maybe a few more! There are Monsterbots and Gentlebots and even an Animalbot! I hope you all love them as much as I do.

Also, I have a BIG surprise for you on July 15th! I can't tell though, sorry. You'll just have to keep reading and see what happens ;)

Have a wonderful, wonderful day!

Love and Turtledoves,


  1. woooo, what could it beee? :D

  2. Yay! I'm glad you had a good trip, but I missed you.


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