Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Decorating Inspiration

*weheartit* Ugh major envy.

Lately I've been trying to decorate my bedroom more. I have a lot of wall space, more than my last room, so I'm a little lost on what to do. I want my space to be a little more crafty, even though that means it'll be a bit more crowded.

also *weheartit*. I love the detail.

My walls are a light lemon, which is really nice, but I'm trying to add more colors to tone it down a little. I'm making some bunting to go above my bed, in deep oranges and blues. Blue because it goes really well with yellow and orange because it goes well with the blue.

Today I bought a small (30 spool) thread rack, and hung it up in the corner I usually sew in. However, I need more crafty things to hang up with it. Any ideas? I don't have a craft room, which I want so badly, so I want to make a craft corner. I'd love your input!

Feel free to comment or even leave pictures! I really want some inspiration.

Love and Turtledoves,


  1. These pics look great! I wish I could have my room look like that too. I'm sure you will figure something out that will look great!


  2. Lovely images here. They inspire me!


    Light lemon walls sound great.

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  3. Ya, those pictures are great, and terrible lol. i want to redecorate everything!!

    thanks for posting on my giveaway! <3

  4. i also love the detail in those kinds of photos. so pretty. love your Etsy dolls, so charming!


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