Friday, July 23, 2010


While reading Kayla's new post on decorating her soon to be apartment, I thought a lot about my soon to be apartment. Donny and I move in together in about a year, give or take, and we're so excited. We've been talking about moving in together for a long time and it's getting real. We want to get a studio together and are thinking about a modern 70's theme for our decorations.

Basically, a lot of deep orange, mustard, green, and redish brown! I love bright colors, but I know a pink apartment isn't good home for a boy haha! So I don't want any pink, or neon colors. I want us to have a lot of warm colors and funky patterns. I love how tacky the 70's look is, so I want to make it more modern!

I just feel like I am mostly attracted to this tacky era. I love the colors and the shapes so much. I hope Donny and I can achieve it when we move in. :) What era of decor do you love the most?

*all pictures from flickr*
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  1. hey! I'm a new reader here. love the blog. and I've gotta say, I'm mostly attracted to this decade, too, when it comes to decorating. It's just fun and kitschy. Everything old becomes new again!


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