Sunday, November 7, 2010

What do you dream of?

Cutest wehearit picture ever.

I have dreams of owning a vintage boutique. I would sell clothes, home decor, handmade lovelies, and maybe even a candy counter. My Lovebots would have their own little area, they're own little factory. I want a sweet little shop that gives others as much joy as it would give me. We'd have really distinct sizing areas, something I think most people have with vintage clothes. Our shoes would be well shined and well organized, I swear it'd be the most organized vintage store you ever have seen.

And I'd have a studio above the store, a little nook to create and sew and be in my own world. I'd finally own a record player and blast the Sound of Music while I sew my fingers off. I want the studio so I can come down to my little store and do my thing. I want to be involved and be my store, give it life.

Everyday I daydream about my little store... What I'd name it, where I'd have it, the types of policies I'd have, every little thing. The more I think about the little store I'll have someday the more I want it. I want to show my heart in a creative and beautiful way. I want to bring vintage and handmade happiness to everyone.... This is my dream.

What do you dream of?
Love and Turtledoves,

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  1. Owning a vintage shop sounds fantastic. I would love to start my own indie magazine. Indie music, art and writing brought to the forefront instead of being what the "cool" kids only have. I think that's it's in the background but too many fab people are overlooked. I want to promote the heck out of them!

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