Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lovely Little List

1. I get my hair cut tomorrow, long bob hear I come.
2. Cheer is going swimmingly. I'm a base. Can I say that throwing girls in the air is freaking scary.
3. I'm really proud of Donny. He's doing so well in his play and has a possible paid internship.
4. Halloween has filled my life with candy. Home. Yearbook. Delightful
5. The more I play my clarinet, the more I love its sound.
6. Forceful cuddles from Muffin
7. Finally wearing my vintage dress and rocking it
8. Sharpened sewing shears
9. Custom orders ♥
10. The possibility of getting tags made

Just a little something inspired by the darling Laura Shane ♥
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. Hey, I'm getting my hair cut too! But not til Saturday, lol. And it's just a trim so it looks nice for my pictures with Lora that are also on Saturday.
    When did you start cheer? That's so cool!
    We should hang out sometime...

  2. You can rock the long bob. Do it!

    Hooray for boyfriends with jobs =D


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