Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I wish for many things...

Right now I hope for many things... I hope to someday look at the good times and appreciate them. I hope he will grow into a man. I hope I never understand how he could do what he did. I hope he makes good decisions. I hope I will learn to trust again soon. Most of all I hope he will keep things we said in confidence to himself. I hope he lets those private moments die with our relationship. I hope he has enough respect for me to do me that favor because I know I will let them die.

However, I know I can't make most of those things happen. I know I can only work on myself and fix myself. I need to regain my confidence and my spirit, both are broken right now. I will be alright soon and I know I am going to die without him. My family and girl friends are being very supportive and they're letting me learn on them.

But I know someday soon I'll learn to stand on my own again.

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