Saturday, November 20, 2010

My next goal.

*weheartit* I seriously adore that.

The first thing on my list of things to do is to regain my confidence. I relied too heavily on his opinion of me, and when things started to go down hill and he noticed me less, my confidence went way down. However, his loss of interest in our relationship is not a reflection on my appearance or personality. I am still me.

I don't need a boy to think I'm beautiful in order to be beautiful. He is not what made me pretty, he was just someone who told it to me often. I shouldn't need to be told in order to feel it. I am an intelligent, pretty women with or without a boy to tell me that I am. I need to learn that just because he told me I was pretty when he still loved me didn't make me pretty. His praise didn't make me anything, I made me who I am. I am trying to learn that I am still me.

This is something I wish other girls new. I know a lot of girls who think they are as pretty as what a boy thinks of them. A real man will think you're pretty constantly, no matter what, but it is not what makes someone attractive. Attitude, confidence, uniqueness, intelligence, ect ect is what makes you pretty.

I feel like my personality and my intelligence is what makes me attractive. Not what my ex-boyfriend thought or thinks of me. I am still who I am.
You are all beautiful.

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  1. That's such a beautiful quote... I think most people culd do with reading that at some point or another! It sucks when relationships end,Im sure you are strong enough to get through! You are LOVELY!

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    Love Missy


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