Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why I've been so quiet...

I apologize for being so quiet lately. Lately, I've had a lot on my mind and haven't been able to think about much else. So here is my good news that has been the only thing on my mind.
I'm moving to Las Vegas.

William and I have been going out for about a year now and have been long distance the entire time. We want to start a life together and have decided to make that leap. For a long time we've been talking about who will move where, but it's been a hard decision. We both have families and ties to our cities, but it really came down to price of living. Las Vegas is half the price of Southern California. So at the end of this year, I'll be moving to Nevada to live with the man I love. 

Although I am young, all my life I've wanted to be a real adult. All though high school I dreamt of a home and a steady job, being able to take care of myself and the one I love. I thought I'd feel better when college started, but it wasn't any different. I'm happy to say I'm starting my life, finally. I can't wait to share with you all my new adventures, hand in hand with my partner. It all starts December 28th!

Love and Turtledoves,


  1. All I can say to this is, FUCK YES. I am so incredibly happy for you Jaco, and I can't wait to see how your life will change when you move. You'll find the up most happiness in Vegas and with Will. I'm bursting of happiness for you!

  2. That's great! I will miss you though so if I'm in Vegas, expect a visitor. I'm glad that you are chasing after something that you want! :)

  3. Oh wow, you're actually doing it! I'm so excited to read how it goes for you.

  4. That's so exciting, I can't wait to hear about Las Vegas adventures!


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