Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Lovebots are up in the shop!

 I posted these and three other Lovebots in the shop today!
I am so happy to show these to everyone, finally!

I am so happy to show you all my Skeleton Lovebot. He really came out so much better than I expected him to. I'll be making another one of him for my update next week, I love him that much.

Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. I'd really like to thank everyone who regularly reads my blog. I appreciate it so much. I'd also really appreciate that, if you like my work, if you could please share new of my Lovebots with friends. Thank you so much.


  1. You are crazy talented. I love these! I also meant to ask if you could hold Gwen Kittybot for me. My sister wants her for her birthday (that was a month ago) and I haven't been able to buy her yet.

  2. I AM IN LOVE. Honestly. I'll trade you my little brother for the skeleton lovebot. It's a better trade for me, but oh well. He's just amazing. I'm gushing over a stuffed creature...

  3. THAT SKELETON is so very very adorable, great design!!!
    love love love it :)


  4. Hey, these are pretty cool! The jack-o-lantern is a clever design for a pumpkin.

  5. I there! I came across you on the Plush Toys and Ragdolls team on Etsy. Your Lovebots are SO cute!! Great job! :)

  6. These are freaking adorable! Cute blog!


  7. Not usually a fan of "odd" toys (at least to my 71 yr old's eyes they are odd!) but yours are really lovely! Could get quite excited by them for myself!

    will be following your blog (as I threatened to do) on the Plush toys and Ragdolls team last week. Hope you'll return the compliment and follow me at

    See you soon, I hope. Isobel


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