Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Hair Cut

For the longest time I've had straight bangs with a little frame around my face and for a few months I've trimmed them on my own. I bought my own hair scissors and managed to keep them in line for a while. Well, it's been a long time since I've done anything new with my hair and I am getting that itch. I am trying to grow it out, so no new cut and I love it black so no new dye... that left me with a new bang style.

Out with the old:

And in with the new!

I cut myself Betty bangs, which I've never had before. They're above my eyebrows, which is shorter than ever before and they curve up on the sides. I love how clean and thick then are, instead of parted and whispy all the time. Also, they're a lot more defined. I didn't really know how to cut my old bangs right, so for these it was really easy to section them off just right. Today I didn't wash them and they look perfect, so I'm really optimistic about these! 

Sometimes change is all you need to feel better about yourself.
Love and Turtledoves,

P.S. Have you guy seen the new blogger posting page? I am in love!


  1. This was an amazing way to freshen up your look. The betty bangs are adorable. Now you have me itching to FINALLY change something about my look, haha. I'm even thinking dark brown, maybe.

  2. Thats such a good look for you, definitely gives you a special edgy look. I usually am not a fan of those types of bangs but i LOVE them on you!


  3. They look great! Something about seeing your eyebrows too looks extra nice. *sigh* my hair is too fine and cowlicky for them D:


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