Thursday, April 7, 2011

Determined to beat the creative funk...


Admittedly it's been a hard few months for my business. It's been slow in the terms of sales, which is the most discouraging feeling I've experienced. I had a very good year last year, my first year of my business, but I thought it might be easier by now. I have had problems with marketing, but I realize it's my own fault if I have been slacking at it. I should blog more and comment on other blogs more, but I get so lazy. I've been so lazy I've hardly made any new Lovebots. I've been discouraged for a while and I'm determined to change it.

Today I did the most sewing I've done in weeks and I have a lot more planned for the next few days. I want to make at least five in the next few days, hopefully that'll spice up my shop a bit. I'm going to start sewing every day again. Especially when I'm bored between 3 to 5 when William is busy working. I'm determined to end this creative funk. My business deserves better than that. I just need to commit myself to the things I think I'll do, not just think it then take a bath instead. I need to remind myself how much I truly love creating my little bots.

Love and Turtledoves,

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