Sunday, April 3, 2011

April's List

A few things that need to get done in April.

1. Find shoes for my sister's wedding in May. I need some type of a yellow sandal, I'm a bridesmaid.
2. Save up for Vegas trip in May.
3. Get my warts burned off. TMI? sorry haha, I've had them on my calf forever and it's time for them to go!
4. Go back to the gym, I've been neglecting it.
5. Finish the yearbook.
6. Pick a college

It's kinda a slow month, kinda a busy month. I'm looking forward to May a lot more than I am enjoying April. 
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. 7. alter my dress and hang out with me :P

  2. In response to number six, I would say Providence but I'm just a little biased. :P

  3. # 4 most def. & I'd like to say # 2 BUTTTTT it hasn't happened. WAHHH

  4. oh vegas was so much fun last time i went! but it would have better to not have been still drunk running to the airport terminal trying to catch our plane that we barely made! have lots of fun!!



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