Sunday, April 17, 2011


Two years of my high school career I played softball, I was pretty decent but due to problems with coaches I didn't return my junior year. Although I enjoyed my freedom that spring, I truly did miss everything about the sport. The smell of the glove, like leather and dirt. The way your legs barely work after a good game. Losing your voice because of the cheers. And most of all, the sound of bat to softball contact: getting a sweet hit to the outfield. 

This year I didn't sign up for softball either. Although there is a new coach, I had yearbook to stick to. That's what  I told myself. But as I started to make the softball page in the yearbook, and had to talk to the players to get some captions right, I started to miss those things. I longed for the soreness I hadn't felt in so long. For the nervousness of waiting for the perfect pitch. I missed everything about softball.

So I changed my mind. The new coach is a sweet woman named Mrs. Solorio, who had been my favorite art teacher in 8th grade. She brought up the fact I wasn't playing one day and I jumped on it, I was in! All those things I missed are so wonderful again. I come home from practice and although I am so tired, I feel so good. It feels good to be apart of such a fun team, we truly enjoy the sport *even if we aren't very good*. 

I truly missed being apart of a team and am so lucky my school was so open to letting me play again. The very best part was being welcomed back by the girls as well as our field manager, who gave me a hug and said some very sweet things.

Love and Turtledoves,

Ps. To be honest, the cheers are my second favorite part ;) No wonder I became a cheerleader!


  1. aww that must be such a good feeling!

  2. That is so cool! You'll have to let me know when some of your games are so I can come watch. :D


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