Monday, October 18, 2010

Pikmin + Zelda

Happy Monday everyone! I had a very relaxing last week, we only had three days of school and a four day weekend due to the end of the quarter. Hurraay! So Donny and I spent time on Friday, playing Pikmen and Zelda: Majora's Mask. He played Pikmen while I watched and then I played Zelda while he watched.

Then Saturday Lori Beth, my wonderful clarinet teacher/practically a sister, and I went down to LA's fashion district! It was like a seamstress' HEAVEN! Fabric from floor to ceiling in every store. At first we couldn't find any of the right fleece... then BAM 10 yards for 2.50! My fleece is 8 dollars at Joann's! I also bought 1 yard of tan suede, 1 yard of teal suede, 1.5 yards of faux fur (a sweet surprise in store for this!) , 3ish yards of darker grey fleece, 1.5 yards of fringe trim, and 1.5 yards of beaded trim. I never had such an amazing day when it comes to supplies. I cannot wait to go again!

And yesterday, after a clarinet lesson, my new friend Ebba came over. She's a foreign exchange student from Sweden and, as it turns out, is my mind twin. She came over and we got to know each other and pretty much laughed for four hours. I haven't had so much fun with a friend is soooo long, it was really refreshing. She is really a doll :)

And as for today I finished!! my Halloween costume and I'm going to make a Lovebot after maybe a nap. It's a great day to catch up on sleep and sewing and relax, I love Mondays!

What have you done this weekend? There is nothing I love more than a productive weekend :)
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. It's so much fun making new friends that you just click with =]

  2. How exciting! My costume still needs work, but I practically have no time and no ideas. Sad day.


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