Friday, October 22, 2010

Hair Itch

I don't know about most people, but I get a hair itch. That is, the itch to change my hair radically. Usually this results in a shockingly different hair cut or color. Last time I had the hair itch, I cut off my shoulder length hair to a shaggy, chin length bob. The problem with this hair itch is how much I want looooooong hair. I want long, sleek hair so much that I've considered extensions. However they are expensive. SO, I've decided I think I want to get rid of my layers, since they fray out weird, and just let it grow from there. Then I'll have long, even hair.

A quick wrap up.
I will probably look like this soon.

I will look like this eventually.

That is all :)
Love and Turtledoves,
*all pictures from weheartit*

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  1. I love the hair of the girl in the last picture! If I could be bothered to blow dry my hair, it might look a bit like it ...


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