Sunday, December 18, 2011

We Say Goodbye to an Old Friend

Today was a very hard day for William and I. Very recently his sweet dog, Lurk, started having health problems and wasn't looking very good. He suddenly couldn't function normally to the extent that he couldn't eat or drink and William had to make the very hard decision of putting his Lurk to sleep.


William adopted Lurk about fourteen years ago, when William was 9. He and his brother had decided it was time to adopt pups and headed to the animal shelter. At first William fell in love with a pretty white puppy that everyone in the family liked, that is until it didn't like the puppy Robert was absolutely in love with. Slightly crushed, William decided against the white dog and thought he'd find a dog another time. Until one of the shelter workers came in with a litte, red-brown, furry pup. William was in love. He knew from the moment he saw this little mut that it was his dog.

And they have been inseparable ever since. In the days I have known Lurk, he has been a lazy dog that doesn't listen to me. But I'll tell you, every time William came into the room Lurk brightened up like the sun. He would jump up and run around and flip out for his boy. And every time William left for work, Lurk would stare at the door for hours until he realized it would be awhile and relax. When I was alone with him, Lurk usually wouldn't do much. But when William and I were together, he'd constantly be following us around the house. He never left his boy's side.

Today we celebrated Lurk's long, 14 year old, life. We cried over his lose and know he will forever be in our hearts.




Love and Turtledoves,
Jacqueline + William


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss :( William's lucky to have had a bond so strong with his dog, sounds like they were a wonderful match <3


  2. oh i am so sorry to hear of your loss! it's so hard to say goodbye <3

  3. I am sorry for your loss you guys! This year, Emmanuel and I went through the same pain in April when we had to take Daisy to get euthanize. She was so ill and old that she was in more pain than she could bare. I wish you guys th warmest of wishes and hope you guys will feel better soon. Our pets are more than just pets, they are our friends and they will always be in our hearts.

    My condolences.
    Mary from ♥ ♥


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