Saturday, December 10, 2011

Steampunk Nightmares

This month I was completely honored to do some amazing custom orders for the holidays. 
First I was asked by a friend of a friend to make custom birthday Lovebots for our mutual friend. I knew exactly what Sarah would want. Sarah and her boyfriend Bradley have a thing for Nightmare Before Christmas, so I made her Jack and Sally bots *secretly*!

Sorry for the iphone quality! I was in a rush to send them to her.

Then I was asked by a classmate from high school, Jesse, to make a steampunk Lovebot. To be honest, at first I was a little skeptical. My lovebots can't be very rough looking, they're fleece! But after talking it over with him and brainstorming, I had it!

He gave me these for inspiration:

I channeled the colors of the two on the left and mostly the one of the top left for inspiration. 
The result was this.

I had so so much fun with these two customs. I love making someone else's ideas come to light!
Love and Turtledoves,


  1. Steampunk is my fav style :) the Jack and Sally bots are great!

  2. I immediately had to rush to the other room to show my friend the Nightmare before Christmas ones! And the steampunk one is amazing!

  3. The steampunk lovebot looks amazing!!!


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